Detox Kit Heel


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Heel Detox kit is a homeopathic formulation to help relieve symptoms of toxin overload which creates an unhealthy lifestyle. Substantial quantities of toxic metabolites will be released from the fat that you burn. It is beneficial to ensure the effective elimination of these toxic substances. The ingredients are especially formulated to target the organs requiring detoxification. The kit consists of 3 separate remedies which target the lymphatic system and connective tissues, the gastrointestinal excretion pathway as well as the liver, and the kidneys and gall bladder.

Detox-Kit contains 3 remedies: berberis-homaccord, lymphomysol, nux vomica-homaccord.

Adverse effects: this is a gentle detox system and the side effects should be minimal, depending on the level of toxins present.

It is possible during a detox that you may experience increased urination, altered bowel habits, headache, mild skin eruptions, fatigue. This product, being homeopathic should cause decreased symptoms.

If symptoms become extreme, you will need to reduce the dose (to say 15 drops ) and work up slowly.


Day 1-3: Start only with berberis and nux vomica. Add 30 drops of nux vomica and berberis to a bottle of water (1.5 litres)and drink throughout the day.
Day 4: Add 10 drops of lymphomyosot and increase by 5 each day until you reach 30 drops per day.

A gentle and thorough detox takes around 6 weeks.

Complete one detox kit then pause for a week and complete another for a six week course.